Many times, keeping your teeth and gums in beautiful condition is as easy as regularly brushing and flossing and coming in for a checkup regularly.

During these routine check-ups, we make sure there are no new concerns and give you a thorough teeth cleaning, so you’ll leave feeling refreshed. We also have additional preventive services that can prevent cavities from occurring, stop gum disease before it even develops, and protect your enamel from damaging wear.

Dr. Inna and her knowledgeable dental hygienists are dedicated to keep you smiling.

Fluoride Treatments

You’re probably familiar with the natural mineral fluoride as it’s often added in toothpaste and drinking water. This is because it does wonders in combating tooth decay. With our fluoride treatments, you get a much higher amount of the mineral that works even harder at eliminating bacteria and preventing cavities.

  • Protect teeth against damaging plaque and sugars
  • Can even reverse early tooth decay
  • Help those suffering with reduced saliva flow/dry mouth lower their risk of cavities


We use our back molars for most of our chewing, so it goes without saying that those teeth are at more of a risk for cavities. We often recommend sealants for our younger patients as an effective way to keep out decay from all those much-used grooves and crevices.

  • Are applied as a thin layer that shield molars from bacteria
  • Are applied in a quick, safe procedure
  • Contain and release fluoride
  • Offers a long-lasting protection against cavities
  • May last several years with normal chewing

Oral Cancer Screenings

The thought of oral cancer can be quite scary, but regular screenings increase your chances of beating it with early diagnosis and early treatment. During these screenings, we check your mouth, jaw, and neck for any signs of the disease, so you can maintain optimal health.

  • Are performed at your routine oral exam
  • Detect any signs of the cancer
  • Can catch oral cancer before it becomes a major concern
  • Give you a greater chance of curing the cancer if diagnosed

Athletic Mouthguards & Night Guards

If you play contact sports or you notice that you grind your teeth at night (a condition called bruxism), a custom-made mouthguard can be just the thing you need to protect your teeth. Our practice can fit you with a custom-made athletic mouthguard or lab-fabricated night guard so you can protect yourself from dental injury or serious damage.

  • Reduce the chance of dental injuries during sports
  • Help those who have bruxism protect their enamel
  • Fit comfortably as they are designed just for you
  • Are easy to clean and take care of

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease is a disease of the gum and bone that may be painless and asymptomatic. If left untreated, it may lead to bleeding, swelling and recession of gum tissue, loosened teeth, elongated teeth, bad breath, or sensitivity and soreness. Our dental hygienists are trained to identify and diagnose the first signs of periodontal disease. We treat periodontal disease with non-surgical periodontal therapy (known as “deep cleaning”) before moving to more extensive treatments.